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Internet Governance Issues Discussed at Yerevan State University

April 7, 2014. Over 40 students of the Yerevan State University Departments of International Relations, Telecommunications, Journalism, Informatics and Applied Mathematics took part in workshop on public policy issues related to Internet Governance. The workshop was followed by the simultaneous broadcast of the Fifth Russian Internet Governance Forum. Issues related to privacy, cybersecurity, cross-border jurisdiction, net neutrality, etc discussed during the workshop. The students received the DiploFoundation's Book An Introduction to Internet Governance 5th edition. Media Education Center and Internet Society of Armenia will organise three more workshops ahead of EuroDIG Forum. See photos









For the First Time Armenian Students Participate at ICANN Meeting

For the first time Armenian students participated at the ICANN Meeting. The NextGen@ICANN initiated by NetMission.Asia is aimed to equip the youth on Internet Governance issues. A week-long conference held in conjunction with the ICANN 49th meeting in Singapore raised awareness of ICANN policy discussions among young adults. The highlight of the NextGen@ICANN was a public session where the youth delegates role played a board meeting, simulating ICANN's multi-stakeholder structure. Lusine Andreyan and Sasun Kostanyan were Media Education Center's delegates.









Safer Internet 2014. over 300 teachers of 150 schools re-trained

February 24, 2014: Over 160 teachers of Yerevan's 150 secondary schools have participated in trainings between February 14 and February 24, the Internet Safety Module for Parents has been introduced. Over  300 teachers participated in the 'Wikipedia as a Safe Environment ' and 'Writing Articles for Wikipedia " courses.
The trainings are held in frames of the 'Safer Internet 2014' project aimed at empowering children and parents, students and educators and providing them with tools and educational materials to help use new technologies effectively and safely.
 Safer Internet Armenia 2014 is implemented by Media Education Center, Internet Society of Armenia with support of Orange Armenia,  Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia, National Center of Educational Technologies, Yerevan City Municipality. See Photos





Armenian citizens participate in 6th EuroDIG through remote Hubs

Armenian citizens participated in the 6th EuroDIG Forum in Lisbon on June 20 and 21 through several hubs organised in Yerevan. The hubs were supported by the Council of Europe Office in Yerevan, Media Education Center, ISOC Armenia, Union of Information Technology Enterprises and iDITORD. The work of the Armenian Hubs enabled not only the remote participation in the Forum, but also served as a prerequisite to establish the Armenian Internet Governance Forum. Read more...








An Introduction to Internet Governance 4th Edition in Armenian 

An Introduction to Internet Governance 4th edition by Dr Jovan Kurbalija (DiploFoundation, 2010) has been published in Armenian. The Armenian version of the book Համացանցի կառավարում’ has been produced by the Media Education Center and the Internet Society of Armenia. 

An Introduction  to Internet  Governance  provides a  comprehensive overview of the main  issues  and actors in  the  field,  focusing on technical,  legal,  economic, development,  and sociocultural aspects of Internet governance. You can download the electronic version of the Armenian edition here.

See pictures from the presentation of An Introduction  to Internet  Governance organized by ISOC Armenia and Media Education Center.




Media Education Center participates in 5th EuroDIG

Media Education Center participates in the 5th European Dialog of Internet Governance on 14-15 June 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden. 'Approaching a Net Neutrality Issue from an Information Literacy Perspective' presentation was made during the ISOC workshop 'Do We Need Net Neutrality Regulation in Europe'. Read more














Over 15 000 Children Take Part in Safer Internet Armenia 2012

70 per cent of Armenia’s secondary schools hosted Safer Internet Open Classes in February - March this year. This wide-scale action was based on the new model of Open Lessons on Internet Safety, developed by the Media Education Center in frames of the Safer Internet Armenia 2012. Over 15 000 children participated the activities through open lessons across 800 schools, attended by 15 000 children in the capital and regions.  Read more...

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Armenia Celebrates Safer Internet Day 2012

On the Safer Internet Day on February 07 Simultaneous Open Lessons on Internet Safety passed in Armenian 150 secondary schools.  In frames of the month-long Safer Internet 2012 project numerous events are organized in different parts of the country by  Media Education Center, Internet Society of Armenia in partnership with  Orange Armenia, Yerevan City Municipality, National Center of Educational Technologies of the Ministry of Education and Science. Read more...









Safer Internet 2012: 150 School Teachers from Yerevan trained

January 30 - February 6, 2012 In frames of the Safer Internet Armenia 2012 project teachers from 150 secondary schools of Yerevan took part in the trainings organized on the eve of the Safer Internet Day. 'Safer Internet for Teachers’ educational module was introduced. Teachers voiced their concerns about on-line risks in social networks and discussed different child protection measures in school and at home. Safer Internet Armenia 2012 project is aimed to provide children and parents, teachers and students with necessary educational materials, highlighting how to use new technologies safely and effectively in their everyday life and apply in learning. See photos...






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