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Mathematical Olympiads, Competitions and Awards

International Mathematical Union Awards
Fields Medal
Nevanlinna Prize
Gauss Prize
Abel Prize
Wolf Prize, Wolf Foundation of Israel
David Hilbert and Paul Erdos Awards, World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions
American Mathematical Society Prizes
Beal Conjecture and Prize
Stefan Bergman Prize
George David Birkhoff Prize in Applied Mathematics
Leonard M. and Eleanor B. Blumenthal Award for the Advancement of Research in Pure Mathematics
B?r Memorial Prize
Book Prize
Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Algebra
Frank Nelson Cole Prize in Number Theory
Levi L. Conant Prize
Delbert Ray Fulkerson Prize
E.H. Moore Research Article Prize
Frank and Brennie Morgan Prize for Outstanding Research in Mathematics by an Undergraduate Student
Ruth Lyttle Satter Prize in Mathematics
Leroy P. Steele Prizes
Oswald Veblen Prize in Geometry
Albert Leon Whiteman Memorial Prize
Norbert Wiener Prize in Applied Mathematics
The JPBM Communications Award
Centennial Fellowships
Award for Distinguished Public Service
AMS Award for Outstanding Pi Mu Epsilon Student Paper Presentation
Casualty Actuarial Society
Woodward-Fondiller Prize
Dorweiler Prize
Michelbacher Prize
Charles A. Hachemeister Prize
The "Above & Beyond" Achievement Award
Matthew Rodermund Service Award
Harold W. Schloss Memorial Scholarship Fund
American Risk and Insurance Association Prize
Dynamic Financial Analysis Prize
Management Data and Information Prize
Ratemaking Contest
Ratemaking Prize
Ronald Ferguson Prize
Reserves Prize
Theory of Risk Prize
Society of Actuaries
The Annual Prize
The Triennial Prize
The Edward A. Lew Award
Redington Prize
Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
Alder Award
Allendoerfer Award
Beckenbach Book Prize
Certificate of Merit
Chaevenet Prize
Educom Medal
Evans Award
Ford Award
Gung and Hu Distinguished Service
Haimo Award for Distinguished Teaching
Hasse Prize
Hedrick Lecturers
James R.C. Leitzel Lecture
P�� Award
Illinois Section of the Mathematical Association of America (ISMAA)
ISMAA Distinguished Service Award
ISMAA Distinguished Teaching Award
National Academy of Sciences:
NAS Award in Applied Mathematics and Numerical Analysis
NAS Award in Mathematics
Association for Symbolic Logic Awards
Carol Karp Prize
Sacks Prize
Gödel Lecturers
Louis Hay Award, Association for Women in Mathematics
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
Germund Dahlquist Prize
George Pólya Prize
George B. Dantzig
Richard C. DiPrima Prize
Peter Henrici Prize
Ralph E. Kleinman Prize
Lagrange Prize for Continuous Optimization
W.T. and Idalia Reid Prize
SIAM Prize for Distinguished Service to the Profession
The Norbert Wiener Prize and The George David Birkhoff Prize
The James H. Wilkinson Prize in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing
The Theodore von Kármán Prize
The Jürgen Moser Lecture
Alexander von Humboldt Research Awards
John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
Sloan Research Fellowships
Salem Prize in Fourier Analysis
Department of Mathematics, UIUC
Undergraduate Awards
H.R. Brahana Prize
Greenwood and Trjitzinsky Prize
Salma Wanna Memorial Award
Prizes in the Majors (Mathematics, Teaching of Mathematics, Actuarial, and Mathematics&Computer Science)
Graduate Awards
Bateman Prize in Number Theory
Kuo-Tsai Chen Prize in Mathematics
Franz Hohn and J.P. Nash Award
Irving Reiner Memorial Award
Brahana TA Instructional Award
Department TA Instructional Award

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