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Electronic Collection of Mathematical Tasks is created in Armenia

“Electronic Collection of Mathematical Tasks” project won the “10 Best School Projects” republican contest. The project was developed by the New Media Education Center.

For the first time in Armenia, schoolchildren from 12 educational institutions received grants to implement their own social projects. “Electronic collection of mathematical tasks is unprecedented initiative in Armenia's educational system and was recognized as the best by the most members of selecting committees, ” told Arman Valesyan, UNDP representative.

According to Narine Khachatryan, the author of the project, this work is the main component of the new physical-mathematical portal initiated by the New Media Education Center. In the first phase of the project electronic library of mathematical tasks will be created, where solutions and algorithms of logical, algebraic, geometric tasks will be presented and placed on the Internet.

The list of algorithms will be placed in such an order, that every other algorithm will use previous starting from simple ones, told N. Khachatryan. In the first phase of the project the mechanism of digitization of mathematical tasks will be elaborated: tutoring software learning programs in mathematics and science will be created.

Theoretical materials from different areas of mathematics: theorems, definitions, will be placed on the portal, told Maria Nazaryan, team leader of mathematical working group. According to her, the portal will help students and teachers to develop their logical reasoning and step out to a broader information field.

According to Haykaz Baghyan, the Director of the new Media Education Center, in the fringes of the project classes in network programming, particularly  PHP, My SQL, Java Script,  have already been started for the teachers of informatics and the first group of students.

According to Baghyan, eMathematics is the first stage of broder program aimed at creation of a new physics-mathematics web-portal. That portal will facilitate not only the creation of computer applications in mathematics and science but also serve as the effective environment for cooperation of mainstream educational institutions and high tech business.

«Creation of infrastructures and retraining of teachers will start from school only if such cooperation will take place and new educational programs will be developed and introduced in accordance to labor market,» told Baghyan.

In the recent year more than 300 educational electronic materials were created under the auspices of the Media Education Center.
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