by Any Topuzian and Gohar Simonian
(Read in Armenian)
Once when we went to school we saw a girl with hazel eyes and small ears. She was in a white light dress. She called us, we followed her and suddenly found 11ourselves in the Paradise. Everything was wonderful in the Paradise. We were very much surprised at flowers blooming everywhere. We started running in the flowers. We were running and running half an hour, but everything was the same there.
Some time later inhabitants of the Paradise surrounded us. They all had wings. After playing with them we suddenly felt that we also had wings. We began flying up, and we saw that instead of the sky there was a marvelous garden. We found ourselves just near God. 1
We told him all our wishes and desires. We ask God to turn our school into gold.  

Then we went down. Approaching the Earth we saw a gold building shining in the sun. When we were on the Earth we saw that it was our school! God fulfilled our wish!    
We were very happy. But also we were very sad to come back from the most beautiful place we had ever seen. 1


We entered our classroom and understood that lessons had been finished.

Next day when we came to school everything was the same in our nice and lovely school, except it was unusually bright and shining. The windows were glittering in the first light of the sun. The school wasn't made of gold, but it was the best school in the world.   



by Milena Hambadzumian

(Read in Armenian)

Once a terrible flood took place in our town. Children turned on a faucet and left it leaking. It resulted in a disastrous flood which washed away villages with 1their houses.   
The water was already in the second flour of our school. The water flow washed away all the books and computers, everything was ruined and out of order. Teachers and students were scared out of their senses. We ran out of classrooms, first-graders yelled for help, teachers were trying to take children out of the school.
Fortunately life-savers arrived very soon and did their best to help children. 1First, they saved first-graders: they drew corded children out of windows to the roof. When it was our turn, the robe was torn up. Everybody yelled for help, but nobody knew what to do. Savers asked everybody to remain calm until they could help.
Many journalists sailed there to prepare news reports. The accident was on TV in the afternoon. Parents who watched TV reports rushed to the school by boats.
1All mothers were scared to death. Life-savers helped them to climb the safety staircase to the third flour, because it was the only dry place in the whole building. Most of the people gathered there.
Life-savers worked and worked. They managed to take out all children from the school building.  Finally a helicopter arrived to save us. At last mothers could hug their children. Everybody was happy.
Many houses were destroyed in the flood. Many people who survived started constructing new houses with high quality safety faucets.



by Rima Tovmasian
(Read in Armenian)
We live in a multistory building in Yerevan. Everybody knows that building, because there's a new and nice supermarket in front of our apartment.
My room is the smallest room in our flat, but it is very light and cozy. I like my room very much. When I am all alone at home I like listening to songs. To tell the truth, I don’t like doing my home assignments.
Every day I listen to Michael Jackson's songs because he is my favorite singer. I enjoy his songs, they are full of energy and very rhythmic.
One day when I was listening to Jackson’s songs, a big metallic  robot came into my room. I was so much astonished that couldn't say a word. That robot came up to me and touched my hand. The machine was looking into my eyes and trying to speak to me.  I didn’t understand anything from his artificial speech. We danced to music of Michael Jackson. 
After we got tired of dancing, the robot smiled farewell and waved me goodbye. It gave me a pencil, I thought, it was a gift.
Several days later I understood that it was a magic pencil. When I write my home assignments with that pencil I get only excellent marks at school.

by Liana  Martirosian
(Read in Armenian)
1Last year an accident took place at our school. In the morning when I came to the school I suddenly noticed a boy who lighted his cigarette and dropped it without fading. I understood it could catch a fire and quickly went to call 101. 1When I told to other children about the fire, I noticed that savers had already arrived. Some savers helped children while others put out a fire. They checked all classrooms. We still heard a cry of a child:
- Help me, help me.
The fire kindled into a flame. Savers asked the child to jump down on a ball they hold under the window but she was scared to death. Savers climbed up to help the child and they managed to draw her out of the building. The school was totally burned. Of course, our school was renovated and then became the most beautiful school in our country. Boys would never smoke afterwards.


by Anahit Margaryan and Syuzan Arsenyan
(Read in Armenian)                                                                                                                                   
1One morning when we came to school we saw many different animals 1 there.

There were dogs, cats, black and white bears, horses, tigers, dears, sheep, a zebra, a lion, a donkey, and even dolphins and an elephant.

It turned out that animals and students were mistaken the buses: some students got on the bus of the zoo, and the animals took a school bus.

As a result the animals found themselves in our school.

1When we went to the classroom we saw a puppy sitting in the corner and crying. Puppy was crying because he lost his mother. We took puppy and started looking for his mom in the building and in the yard. 

Suddenly I got up and understood that it was a nice dream.




by Anahit Margarian
(Read in Armenian)
1Once when me and my friend were returning home from school we saw а flying saucer in the sky. After the saucer landed we got on board the saucer. As it turned out the space ship was automatically navigated. There was not a single pilot inside. We examined the equipment for several days and decided to undertake a journey.1

We flied the spaceship within several months toward the brightest constellation seen from the Earth. We had been flying and flying for a long time in an absolutely empty space and became home sick.

One planet looked very beautiful in the dark space and we decided to land on that planet.  Because of difficulties with handling the equipment we couldn’t land the saucer, and the ship suddenly started falling down. We immediately took our parachutes and jumped down.

We were falling down endlessly and saw strange creatures hanging in the space.
We were astonished because unusual creatures weren’t falling. 1Some of them waved theirs hands noticing us.

When we were approaching the planet, we noticed that from above it looked like our dear Earth. The same beautiful yellow-blue picture of continents belted by cold oceans. We were approaching closer and closer: beautiful orchards, wonderful blue lakes, wild woods, smoky cities with towers and sky-scribers.

When we set foot on land we understood that we returned home.



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